Eoin Milner Photography | My Process
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My Process

West Cork based amateur photographer located in Rosscarbery, West Cork. Genre of photography includes landscape, seascapes, surf to astro photography. Nikon DSLR’s are used with a wide range of lenses-

Prints available on request

Nikon D780 with a range of lenses

This camera is always with me in my car and my adventures. Love its versatility and, in comparison with my former Nikon D750, I can enjoy now also taking smashing videos of my favourite places and low-light exposures.

Night time photos with Samyang 14mm or 24mm

This lense is one of my favourite for shooting the massive Milky Way above us in West Cork.

Daytime photos taken with Nikon 18-35mm

What I like about this lense is its sharpness in my landscape photos.

Amazing Projects

Love taking phots of lighthouses, sea / land scapes and study the wildlife around me. I also love the camera for portrait photos of my friends, pinning down memories that I always love to get back to.